hi again


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  • X O
    X O  2 minutes back

    Do us a favor and don’t, just worry ab ur university that kicked u out and ur dumbass mom for thinking she’d get away with it

    • M W
      M W  2 minutes back

      To the 1.95 million followers of this girl.... This girl KNEW what her parents did to get her into that college, she went along with it and is just as guilty as her mother. Other than having a celebrity for a mother, why do people follow her? She's egotistical, shallow and a fake. Following her makes you an idiot!

      • J JJ
        J JJ  4 minutes back

        Report her for spam & misleading! Get the trash off youtube.

        • Evan White
          Evan White  6 minutes back

          Hope she gets cancer. There I said it

          • agentcodydanks
            agentcodydanks  9 minutes back

            Apple doesnt fall to far from the tree.

            • Agent J
              Agent J  10 minutes back

              2:01 minutes were exactly how long she attended USC.

              • Joe Pardo
                Joe Pardo  11 minutes back

                i want to know the fucken idiots who waited around for 9 mos for her..

                • Kenneth Dahnke
                  Kenneth Dahnke  11 minutes back

                  Your mom is going to prison as she deserves, can't buy a education and think your going to get away with it! Silly bitch

                  • Joe Pardo
                    Joe Pardo  12 minutes back

                    i didnt hear here say that she was a fake, and a liar and she is an entitled selfish bitch..

                    • Sophie Regnier
                      Sophie Regnier  13 minutes back

                      Hey Olivia don’t listen to all the negative feedback your real fans are so excited you are back!

                      • Lucien Morningstar
                        Lucien Morningstar  15 minutes back

                        Nice to see that you are moving on. Good job! Continue influencing people.

                        • Hunter Proenneke
                          Hunter Proenneke  15 minutes back

                          why are you not in jail?

                          • maria tomlinson
                            maria tomlinson  17 minutes back

                            as much as I want to support her it doesn’t justify what her and her parents did.,she thinks she is above the law and all rules and the can buy her way into everything and that’s just not how life works. a lot of people worked really hard to get into USC or any college their whole school career and they don’t try to bribe/buy their way in. it means more to them then it does to her and that’s very sad.

                            • D'Andrea Gilbert
                              D'Andrea Gilbert  19 minutes back

                              You can film and not post it Yk just to fill the need in doing it

                              • Jamie Cook
                                Jamie Cook  24 minutes back

                                Only reason I clicked on this video is to go straight to the comment section I cld honestly care less about what she has to say

                                • Dean Anderson
                                  Dean Anderson  25 minutes back

                                  Lol am I the only one that thinks this crime is harmless? Like so what she went to a school she technically wasn’t smart enough to go to who cares

                                  • jackeroo75
                                    jackeroo75  25 minutes back

                                    Hey, LEAVE YOUR PERSONAL LIFE away after this and FOCUS ON YOUR CAREER IN YOUTUBE! Goodluck!

                                    • akina adira
                                      akina adira  25 minutes back

                                      No one cared about this vid, only here cz of the comments lmaooo

                                      • Swimfan72
                                        Swimfan72  29 minutes back

                                        Screw this girl. You have no talents, it was all handed to you, just like your parents. I want to go to USC. You take up a spot. Your not smart enough to get in so you pay to play and take away opportunities from actual people like me who actually need an education. You and your parents are horrible people.

                                        • Cadberries Official
                                          Cadberries Official  29 minutes back

                                          Come to Alabama

                                          • May Sal
                                            May Sal  30 minutes back

                                            I miss my fame wa wa wa

                                            • Scarlett T
                                              Scarlett T  31 minutes back

                                              I think she was a great YouTuber and everyone blacklisted her over a controversy. Just cause people do something “dumb” or wrong doesn’t mean you immediately blacklist or “cancel” them she just wants to get back into her hobby/job 😂

                                              • Alex Wolford
                                                Alex Wolford  32 minutes back

                                                Remember: she is still human, we all fuck up and make mistakes. None of us are perfect. God forgive us.

                                                • Stephanie Hart
                                                  Stephanie Hart  32 minutes back

                                                  Nope. Youre not coming back.

                                                  • jessie parsons
                                                    jessie parsons  32 minutes back

                                                    I don’t understand. If people don’t like someone or something why do they take time out of their day to care about what they are doing or posting on social media? You people obviously care enough if you are here commenting negative comments that are a waste of time. You all are just making yourselves look stupid.

                                                    • Tieia Middleton
                                                      Tieia Middleton  32 minutes back

                                                      You did return to social media before this-by flipping the bird at everyone. Try showing some humility. It’s not our fault that your parents paid to get you and your sister into school and it’s a federal offense. That proves that you’re a spoiled child with no sense of gratitude.

                                                      • Steve Phillips
                                                        Steve Phillips  33 minutes back

                                                        She is a prime example of kids these day's, only cares about her self, and is oblivious to everything and everyone around her! Her parents should cut her off. Introduce her to the real world.

                                                        • L G
                                                          L G  33 minutes back

                                                          that thing in the background says "talking to freedom myself because i am my own." but you're not your own, you couldn't get into college on your own, you and your parents had to lie and steal. wake up.

                                                          • Brandon C
                                                            Brandon C  37 minutes back

                                                            Dumb little bitch, only job opportunities you have now are working the streets lol

                                                            • mike reyes
                                                              mike reyes  39 minutes back

                                                              Disgusting pig

                                                              • daniel LEVY
                                                                daniel LEVY  39 minutes back

                                                                Shut up meg.

                                                                • Alyiah W
                                                                  Alyiah W  40 minutes back

                                                                  I literally don’t know what the point of this video was

                                                                  • Aidan Daniels
                                                                    Aidan Daniels  43 minutes back

                                                                    This means about as much to everyone as the butt log my co-worker left in the commode that wasn’t flushed.

                                                                    • Kassandra Robles
                                                                      Kassandra Robles  45 minutes back

                                                                      FINALLYYYYY I LOVE YOU💗 we all mess up some worse than others but you deserve another chance your supporters have been here & we are excited🤧😭🎉🎉✨

                                                                      • Cameron Rowe
                                                                        Cameron Rowe  47 minutes back

                                                                        This is NOT a good rowing video. I was hoping she'd at least tell us the best makeup to wear when you are rowing. Row, row, row your boat!!!!

                                                                        • KEIRA ROGERS
                                                                          KEIRA ROGERS  54 minutes back

                                                                          I honestly forgive her

                                                                          • Android Mods Tv
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                                                                            • Dawia
                                                                              Dawia  55 minutes back

                                                                              bye again

                                                                              • Jake Shuman
                                                                                Jake Shuman  55 minutes back

                                                                                You need to apologize dude. I don’t have a doubt in mind that you don’t realize or understand what you’ve honestly done. It’s not just about how you used your money to get things in life like getting into college, it’s that you don’t have the brain cells to apologize for taking away opportunities from other people just because you wanted something and could illegally buy it. You are such an awful person. Do you really think making videos about clothes and crap is any more important than what you’ve done? You’re an immature girl who needs to start using your brain. Grow up! Sure you can’t talk about the case specifically but that doesn’t mean you can’t apologize for what you did! You’ll live a worthless life with no meaning. Even with 8 months of no internet you still haven’t understood what an awful thing you did.

                                                                                • Diana Ayllon
                                                                                  Diana Ayllon  55 minutes back

                                                                                  It's funny how you and your instagram friends think your 'comeback' is a whole ass catharsis 😂 pathetic g0rl

                                                                                  • Sara Lastra
                                                                                    Sara Lastra  56 minutes back

                                                                                    I admire youu i think you can get through anything and keep doing what you lovee, people will never know what its like being you or your situation so dont let people’s opinions to hurt you. Everything will be okey.

                                                                                    • Yeezy Police 1⃣
                                                                                      Yeezy Police 1⃣  58 minutes back

                                                                                      Haveeee mercyyyyy Becky! How is your hubby uncle Jesse supposed to take care of the boys by himself when you in prison?! Smh. Hopefully Joey and Danny help him. I’m delusional 😂😂

                                                                                      • Jughead Jones
                                                                                        Jughead Jones  59 minutes back

                                                                                        Poor little rich girl...👎

                                                                                        • Chinenye Igwe
                                                                                          Chinenye Igwe  1 hours back

                                                                                          Omg look at the dislike to like ratio😬

                                                                                          • brenda poole
                                                                                            brenda poole  1 hours back

                                                                                            This was really boring.

                                                                                            • desire
                                                                                              desire  1 hours back

                                                                                              i hope i don’t see you soon

                                                                                              • Tommy Kiesner
                                                                                                Tommy Kiesner  1 hours back

                                                                                                You and your parents can leave the country now, thank you

                                                                                                • Lauren Kaczynski
                                                                                                  Lauren Kaczynski  1 hours back

                                                                                                  Don’t come back to YouTube. Accept your responsibility in what has happened and do the most respectful and decent thing you can do in this situation and just walk away.