Patriots investigation, Jets/Ravens preview, LeBron James, Baker Mayfield | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast


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  • Aidan Manion
    Aidan Manion  1 months back

    Dear Fox Sports, Fire Rob Parker Immediately...

    • William Freeze
      William Freeze  1 months back

      Thanks for the show!

      • J-Red
        J-Red  1 months back my favorite Baker moment

        • Sprax
          Sprax  1 months back

          First road game means nothing. They're trying semantics. I've done videography for HS games (and other sports and event), and good videography at that. Nothing changes.

          • Timothy Holden
            Timothy Holden  1 months back

            Yea, OKAY Skip Bayless, you believe that Bill Beliche is innocent all of a sudden? All skip Bayless is doing is trying to protect Tom Brady's legacy of being arguably the best Quarterback that ever played in the NFL "BUT" Let's just imagine if the MIAMI HEAT of 2013 to 2014 or The 2016 NBA CHAMPIONS The CLEVELAND CAVALIERS were accused of filming their opponents practice sessions before the start of the NBA FINALS, do you really believe that Skip Bayless would be saying that he don't see anything wrong? "Come on now"..

            • DANIEL ALEXANDER
              DANIEL ALEXANDER  1 months back

              *SKIP TOOK AN "L" FROM THE START🤣*

              • Caspar Grimm
                Caspar Grimm  1 months back

                Shannons way of arguing is the funniest thing in the world. Also, SERIOUSLY u still on inflategate??? SIENCE PROOFED THAT ITS BS YEARS AGO XD XD XD

                • Leg Man
                  Leg Man  1 months back

                  Bless poor Skip Bayless' heart. He marries himself to a position and won't let go. He just "Hmmms" his way through life when overwhelmingly valid points are presented.

                  • Aaron
                    Aaron  1 months back

                    You're a cheater chant at patriots games ?

                    • Gran Marquis
                      Gran Marquis  1 months back

                      Belichick wanted to trade Brady and was unable too! Apparently Shannon gives Belichick too much power in his own head

                      • Gran Marquis
                        Gran Marquis  1 months back

                        2007 what belichick did was not a rule than it was made one! Basically he thought of doing something that no one was doing and made a mockery of the NFL so they fined and punished the team

                        • Amran Nahshal
                          Amran Nahshal  1 months back

                          that's literally what he does to the NFL every year 😅

                      • turtle4614
                        turtle4614  1 months back

                        Goodell tried to assuage his bosses: He ordered the destruction of the tapes and notes, he insisted, so they couldn't be exploited again. Many in the room didn't believe it. And some would conclude it was as if Goodell, Kraft and Belichick had acted like partners, complicit in trying to sweep the scandal's details under the rug while the rest of the league was left wondering how much glory the Patriots' cheating had cost their teams. "Goodell didn't want anybody to know that his gold franchise had won Super Bowls by cheating," a senior executive whose team lost to the Patriots in a Super Bowl now says. "If that gets out, that hurts your business."

                        ESPN article quote that came out during the first Spygate. I am not a hater, I just know they're cheaters and it needs to be handled.

                      • Not A RealPresident
                        Not A RealPresident  1 months back

                        I absolutely have No Respect for Bill Belicheat & his Patriots . Belicheat & Shady Tom Brady have cheated on 4 of the 6 Super Bowls they've been in . The Patriots have paid off Refs to make terrible calls in Big Games .

                        Last , Bill Belicheat is definitely Not the greatest Coach of all time & Deflate Football's Brady IS NOT the greatest QB of all time . It's Paul Brown . If they would've had Super Bowls in the 50's & 64 The Browns would've won at least 7 🏈💯

                      • Clarence Banks
                        Clarence Banks  1 months back

                        Shannon Sharpe hollering and screaming like a a lunatic

                        • khanh nguyen
                          khanh nguyen  1 months back

                          Cause skip keep deflecting everything

                      • First Name Last Name
                        First Name Last Name  1 months back

                        Cowboys AGAIN

                        • David R
                          David R  1 months back

                          ESPN OUTSIDE THE LINES ARTICLE SPYGATE WAS WAY WORSE THAN REALIZED explains in detail how the CHEATRIOTS cheat & why they haven't been caught yet GOOGLE IT!!

                          • David R
                            David R  1 months back

                            EXPOSE THE CHEATRIOTS!!
                            EXPOSE BELICHEAT & TOM SHADY!!
                            EXPOSE THE TRUTH END THE LIE!!